Monday, December 7, 2009

Boring holidays.....

Sigh....last saturday...went badminton cus chris wanted to go. There is only 4 of us and is quite boring. Then last minute chris say cant go cus got no transport....end up 3 of us (rakesh, joon kiat and me). boring to play wif those 2. Go there talk more then play. Waste my money and summore hav to pay more cus chris not there... We stop playing at 10.30 =.= and we wasted 30min. Then i bought a Rubik Cube ------------------------------>
It was expensive but it comes wif gud quality and smooth. Cost RM14....
Quite boring cus i haven figure out how to complete all the best record is finish 1 surface in 3 to 5 min which everyone is able to do tat. Wif the usual gang, we play dota everyday till i almost get sick of it...and then i suggest 'Why dun we try warcraft instead' and now everyone was like 'Hey lets play warcraft' instead of 'Hey lets play dota'........we were so noob in warcraft cus we just started but is much better than dota sometimes....dota makes me tense up....>.< Sis's wedding coming soon. Wedding dinner on 13th, buffet on 19th and ceremony on 20th. Wish her happy forever and hav a wonderful life...and also new year angpau pls give more...make sure dun fool me by filling up wif newspaper...xD tats all for today's blog. More updates coming soon and thx for viewing. Byebye

Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday's Outing

Went 1U wif frens. We meet chee seong there and he is now working in memory lane. The best thing is we did nth there. I enjoy the BBQ we ate today. 1st time in my life eating in tat restaurant. It was nice actually. Then we was planning to go karaoke or bowling but none of them making any decision and chris wanted to go home early. So we end up walking around in 1U. I bought her a christmas present. I noe tat now is still far from christmas but i dun think i'll be able to see her til school reopen. So i hope she like it.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Farewell Form 4

Today is my last day of skol. Sigh, almost die today. Next time anyone see me ponteng skol dun tell Ms. Thean pls. Luckily is just Ms. Thean. If Mr. Kumar, i have been dead already. Gonna miss form 4. Next year, SPM!!! Better enjoy during holidays b4 stressing my in next year's studies. Tmr, suppose to go midvalley. But everyone seems to be busy for outing so i plan to go skol tmr to return my books and hopefully teacher (dunno which teacher, i just heard from puili tat a teacher is gonna belanja all prefects pizza tmr) belanja pizza. Happy holidays to all my frens, and if got any activities, pls call me oso.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wondering Why.

Yesterday, she told me that she got no feel towards me anymore. I wonder why. I always wanted to talk to her but i just cant get my self to do so. I tried but dunno what to say at the end. At the same time, i scare i say something wrong. Sometimes, i really hate my self for being such a person.

First Day Blogging.

Welcome to my new blog! Nothing much to share at the moment. Just wait till i get used to it.